Taliban issue Little Blue Book

The Taliban’s little blue book is here.

Reports show that the Taliban head Mullah Omar has issued his forces in Afghanistan with a booklet containing the new code of conduct for the Taliban, including new, reformed and somehow, “civilized”, instructions on the treatment of civilians, prisoners as well as avoiding “civilian” casualties in what seems to be their latest ploy in putting up a challenge to the effectiveness of the Afghan government. Also, there seems to an attempt to reestablish the chain of command as well as making maximum use of the all the major areas where the Afghan government has failed – which is basically almost all areas deemed to be of the concern of the Afghan government.

The Telegraph has a rather nice summary of the 13 chapters and 67 articles including some of the instructions on How to be a Good Taliban:

Suicide attacks:

“Should only be used on high and important targets. A brave son of Islam should not be used for lower and useless targets. Governors, district chiefs and line commanders and every member of the Mujahideen must do their best to avoid civilian deaths, civilian injuries and damage to civilian property. Great care must be taken.”


“Whenever any official, soldier, contractor or worker of the slave government is captured, these prisoners cannot be attacked or harmed. If the prisoner is a director, commander or district chief or higher, the decision on whether to harm, kill, release or forgive them is only made by the Imam.”

Nato soldiers:

“If a military infidel is captured, the decision on whether to kill, release or exchange the hostage is only to be made by the Imam or deputy Imam.”


“The decision on whether to seek a prisoner exchange, or to release the prisoner, with a strong guarantee, will be made by the provincial leader. Releasing prisoners in exchange for money is strictly prohibited.”

Hearts and minds:

“The Mujahideen have to behave well and show proper treatment to the nation, in order to bring the hearts of civilian Muslims closer to them.”

Equal opportunities:

“The Mujahideen must avoid discrimination based on tribal roots, language or their geographic background.”

Following is an AlJazeera report on the same issue:

Given the fact that the guys on the side of “democracy” are too busy making a mockery of it all, this is cleverly timed Taliban election pamphlet. Meanwhile, the Afghan government or countries involved in this phase of the Afghan war are yet to come up with a comprehensive strategy towards addressing the basic issues the Afghans are faced with, at least, in order to sway them away from supporting opposition as means of expressing their frustration with the failure of the Afghan government and in turn with that of its backers.

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