Muslim academics and students are turning against Darwin’s theory

Evolution or any scientific consensus that challenges established conventions and dogmas is bound to face resistance in any society. In the US for example, there is a raging war of words between creationists or intelligent design proponents on the one side and the overwhelming majority of the scientific community, who argue for evolution; on the other side. In Europe  evolution, as a scientific explanation of how we and other living beings got to where we are and how life got its complexity, is very much understood and widely accepted. Even prominent Anglicans and Catholics such as Father George Coyne voiced their acceptance of Evolution.

While in the Middle East and the rest of Islam dominated countries Evolution is widely regarded as a western conspiracy to damage and destroy the “divine” teachings of Islam. Where it is taught in Biology classes, the involvement of a heavenly hand is emphasized upon alongside. Outside academia, Darwin is devil reincarnated, evolution is ‘just a theory’ and conclusions are drawn towards evolution being a variant understanding of sinners turned into apes for breaking the Sabbath. And so on…

TimesOnline carries an interesting report about how as many as 62% of professors and students in the Islamic countries consider evolution to be an “unproven theory”. It would be correct to assume that a high majority of these people would consider creationism as very much proven and flawless.

More here.

Then there are nutjobs led by Zakir Naik, an MBBS  no less, who have made the efforts to take the job of promoting all dogmas online. An example,

The sad truth is that while “Doctor” Zakir Naik receives a wide audience and is a popular online celebrity amongst Islamic creationists, little to no pro-science or pro-evolution arguments have come about from Muslim scientists or academics.

    • Nakhoda Ghaznawi
    • December 2nd, 2009


    I am realy very happy to find your blog ! It is Awesome to find some one from your own country who is also Atheist !

    wish you the best !

    • this is a great topic
    • December 29th, 2009


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