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Of Churches and Madrassas

Madrassa (n): A building or group of buildings used for teaching Islamic theology and religious law, typically including a mosque.

We have all heard about rampant child abuse and cover-ups in Catholic Churches in the US, Ireland, Australia, Germany and many other countries. Recently there have been extensive reports in the media about a cover-ups of scandals from the 70s involving the Pope himself. Despite the apologies, one can be sure that there will be investigations and the buck has to stop somewhere.

The pattern of abuse is and has been well and alive in a more camouflaged manner in the seminaries of another monotheistic religion. Islamic Madrassas, considering their arrogant teachings to the young, should be the first stop for anyone wishing to investigate abuse under the banner of religion. It is rife and rampant and for the most part stays under any and all radars.

add to that a death upon all non-conformist believers

The fact that madrassas, especially ones established with Saudi funding during and after the Afghan Jihad, have had production lines of militant Islamists, sectarian murderers and hardliner jihadis for many decades; is well known. The rise of Islamic militancy in Central and South Asia has been synchronised with rise of Madrassas. While Madrassas had traditionally been very local in their influence, with the inception of Afghan Jihad, Madrassas started popping up all around the then Communist-ruled Afghanistan with the main concentration being around major Pakistan cities of Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Southern Punjab. Elsewhere grand Mosques and madrassas were constructed, funded by oil revenue, in newly independent Central Asian states as well as Western Chinese province of XinJiang.

I think that one of the tragedies of this story is that the Saudi Arabians exported their problem by financing the schools, the madrassas, all through the Islamic world. I saw this in Uzbekistan a few years after Uzbekistan got out of the Soviet Union, became an independent state in cities like Tashkent and Samarkand, where the Saudis were funding these schools teaching Koranic studies and creating a class of people for whom education was simply the Holy Book, the Koran. – Richard Holbrooke, then US Ambassador to the UN

The exploitation of young minds and emotions through past-expiry-date religious text, propagation of voilence and hate is in itself an unforgivable abuse of human dignity. Taliban leadership and the bulk of their cadre were a direct output of Pakistan based madrassas. Madrassas in Northern Pakistan have been labeled as Taliban universities for their unashamed and open vocal and material support for the Taliban-Islamic fascism during its life in power.Unlike ordinary graduates, graduates from these universities ended up fighting for to spread the past-expiry-date teachings of Mohammad and his companions in Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chechniya and other vulnerable spots as well against sects and groups they deemed as not-islamic-enough such as the Shiites, Ahmadis and others.

Others such as the infamous Red Mosque Madrassa in the Pakistani capital Islamabad sought to implement Shariah, first through kidnappings of people they deemed as unholy, then through armed protests and then a confrontation with the Pakistan state that ended up in hundreds of casualties. In addition to that the Pakistani Taliban leadership in Swat and Waziristan have all been madrassa students and instructors.

Madrassa students tend to come from poverty stricken families, many of whom give up their children so that they can worry about making even more of them without concerns for their upbringing. Once in the madrassa the issues extend beyond what has already been mentioned and sexual abuse, beating, torture and exploitation are the norm:

“In December, in another part of Karachi, Muhammad Askoroni’s mother noticed a bite on the 10-year-old boy’s neck. The child started crying and vomiting when asked what happened, said his mother, Dil Jauher. The boy’s claim: a cleric at his madrassa sodomized him after evening Quran classes, according to a complaint filed with police and the rights group Madadgaar.

Jauher claims a madrassa official and village elders offered her a bribe to keep the incident quiet. ‘But I want justice for my son,’ she told AP.”

Even when reported, these incidents attract little to no attention as they guys with beards and AK47 are usually deemed to be above the law.

“The files of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan include the affidavit of Atif Rehman, who was 11 when he was admitted to the Lahore Children’s Hospital in April 2004 with head injuries and extensive bruises. He told investigators he was routinely beaten with iron rods at a madrassa in the northern city of Faisalabad and was chained when he tried to escape.

‘The boy was bleeding from the mouth and nostrils,’ said his father, Muhammad Aashiq, according to the commission report.

A madrassa teacher, Qari Mahboob Aalam, denied the torture allegations, but admitted ‘it is a practice to chain students,’ the report said.”

The cases are not only limited to the madrassas in Pakistan:

“In Bangladesh, rights groups have increased calls for madrassa investigations after a teacher was arrested in March and charged with raping girl students, who are allowed to attend the schools that in many other countries are male-only.”

I was surprised to find that there are roughly 1600 madrassas operating in the UK alone and even in the country built on bills such as Megna Carta, madrassas have lived up to the expectations:

“Students have been slapped, punched and had their ears twisted, according to an unpublished report by an imam based on interviews with victims in the north of England. One was ‘picked up by one leg and spun around’ while another said a madrassa teacher was ‘kicking in my head – like a football’, says the report which was compiled by Irfan Chishti, a former government adviser on Islamic affairs.”

Such abuse and practices are rife in Madrassas all across the world as the fundamental principles being taught and practiced in these seminaries leave room for all sorts of exploitation, abuse, voilence and murder so long as it is done under the banner of the guy in the sky.

Dubai: A private Quran teacher, charged with raping an 11-year-old schoolboy over a seven-month period and showing him pornographic material on his phone, has been referred to court.”

and so, religious seminaries continue on wrecking the lives, thoughts and emotions of the young and the weakest in the society and from there on, the whole society. So long as the open discussion of these topics remain cultural taboos, Islamic centers will abuse anyone and everyone of their choosing. Unlike the international fury and criticism aimed at the Catholic Church for its part in Child abuse and subsequent cover up, few dare to talk about the menace that these madrassas symbolize.


There is the Taliban and then there are these people

There was that video of an underage girl being flogged in Swat Pakistan for allegedly stepping outside the house without the escort of an immediate family member. This of course was nothing compared to the countless other incidents and videos of beheadings, summary executions and other acts of atrocity committed at the hands of the warriors of Islam.

Recently, local Afghan Television Channels broadcast video clips of two women being publicly flogged by a local cleric, under the instructions of a local government backed warlord, for fleeing abusive husbands. Welcome to the new Afghanistan. I have nothing more to add. You watch it yourself!

Saudis – notorious as usual: 75-year-old woman facing 40 lashes

And most people thought not letting women drive was bad, the leading state sponsor of Islamic extremism (neck to neck with Iran) continues breaking in to new grounds as its acts of imposing Sharia’h maintains its ruthlessness.
Saudi Arabia’s state sanctioned and widely revered by Muslim fundamentalists, style of punishments include amputations of hands and feet for robbery, and flogging for lesser crimes such as sexual deviance and drunkenness, public beheading, segregation and apartheid targeting non-Muslims. The number of lashes ranges from dozens of lashes to several hundreds.
Those of us who have witnessed Taliban rule in Afghanistan know that the overwhelming majority of the Taliban drew their inspiration from the Saudi style of governance, except that in Afghanistan there was no oil and therefore, not a similar quality of life for men. Nonetheless, Saudi elite paid regular visits to the Taliban ruled Afghanistan to hunt from animals and buy sex slaves.

A Taliban fighter with the amputated limbs of the victims paraded through the streets of Kabul. Source:

More recently, the Saudi minister of the interior (Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz) is reported to have ordered the immediate detention and flogging of a 75-year-old woman, Khamisa Mohammed Sawadi; who is facing 40 lashes.

More from Sydney Morning Herald

“How am I supposed to feel?”

Not in a long, long time have I been so disgusted at a common practice in Afghanistan. This is more disturbing that the suicide bombings, beheadings and ear and nose choppings.

For most of the world, this is a news story out of the “godforsaken” country that is Afghanistan, but for many of us, especially the abused and the powerless, it is a fact of life, a miserable routine that we have all witnessed in our day to day life without ever daring to raise questions, without ever doubting that perhaps, just perhaps THIS IS NOT RIGHT!

Questioning matters that follow the sunnah is considered “immoral” in a society that has deadly obsession with its shamefully low moral standards!

Country Profile – Afghanistan


An Islamist tribal leader conquered inferior tribes and named his kingdom Afghanistan. Depending on who was paying better, the country was under either the Russian or British influence for decades pretending to be a buffer between both. With the arrival of actual literacy in the Royal family, the country was declared independent of notional British control in 1919. It was followed by attempts of secularizing and freeing the country out of the self built pariah state. That was not to be.

Shinwari Tribesmen after Chasing Away the Infidel King

Shinwari Tribesmen after Chasing Away the Infidel King

Tribes were not particularly pleased with the Royal Family, especially after having seen the Queen bareheaded in public. How dare Amanullah! They unleashed their jihadist wrath on the King and made him run for his life.

Democracy never developed beyond experimentation. Two different versions were imported in 1973 and 1978. This laboratory of the Left and the Right was then faced with the wrath of the Allah’s bodyguards. Communists extended an invitation to the Soviet Union to join the fun in 1979. This touched off a chain of Jihadi and anti-Jihadi wars that turned the country of the people into the country of the god and ghosts. Mullah’s accused the Socialists of insulting the heavenly judgement by redistributing wealth and land. How dare they!

The extreme religious Right claimed moral superiority as apparently the old Allah and his bodyguard tribes were on their side. The USSR withdrew in 1989 leaving the country with wrath and wrath-ists everywhere. Allah’s bodyguards then turned on each other and everyone else claiming to have support and instructions from some invisible being, which sent instructions in Arabic from across the borders. Allah’s presidential guards took over Kabul in 1996. These saints were Allah’s direct descendents and were therefore obliged to carry out heavenly punishments for all minor and major issues. Apparently Allah and his descendents did not only not like their former bodyguards but people of different shapes and colors as well. The quick solution was to homogenize the population through genocide and public executions. With a superior version of the religion came superior operations and super deeds!

Islamic Democracy In Action

Islamic Democracy In Action

Inline with the tradition of the turning against the boss, Allah’s descendents attacked their anti-Soviet sponsors on 11 September 2001 killing over 3000 people. It was the bodyguards’ turn all over again. Intense American and European pressure made them sit together and talk, for a change. Out they came with better marketing and brand new packaging. Hamid Karzai was now the charislamatic leader of the Islamic Islapublic of Islaghanistan. Islamic Assembly was inaugurated the following December to provide the bodyguards and ‘former’ descendants with a cave like environment so that they could sit together, threaten each other, beat women MP’s, ban Television shows and legislate a new Islamic order every other day. Of course, the overthrown Allah’s committed descendants haven’t liked any of this and have so far successfully killed thousands on the disliked public and strangers.


Somewhere between the poppy fields and the local mosque

Geographic Coordinates:
600 AD, 700 AD

Map references:
Arab Proxy State

Frequently changing and volatile

Land boundaries:
Only with Islamic countries (Non-Islamic countries don’t exist!)

Varies with blood flow

Depends on the amount of explosives used; Very hot insurgency seasons, heavy jihad flow all year around

Large graveyards; minefields in the north, south, east, west and center, large inhabitable caves – terrorists only

Elevation extremes:
Lowest point: mildly extreme
Highest point: ultra extreme, too extreme for the metric system

Natural resources:
Anything that can be used as weapon, Soviet Weapons, US dollars, Arabic books, lots of explosives, lead, sulfur, beards

Land use:
Arable land: very little (poppy only)
Permanent crops: less (poppy only)
Other: (poppy only)

Irrigated land:
The Poppy fields in Helmand and Badakhshan

Children play in the Poppy fields of the Autonomous Region of Poppyistan

Children play in the Poppy fields of the Autonomous Region of Poppyistan

Natural hazards:
Frequent suicide attacks, Arabs, Pakistanis, Afghans and other Muslims, RPG’s, Tribes, Afghans, everyone

Environment – current issues:
Limited brain function; inadequate logic; mental degradation and retardation; ultra-religious; much of remaining minds dead or in hiding and fleeing the country, Quranic and other religious pollution

Environment – international agreements:
AlQaeda, Taliban, Long time Islamist sanctuary


Declining fast

Age structure:
0-14 years: Numbers growing fast due to over-breeding
Young people: Fleeing out at an unprecedented rate
50 years and over: Only a few, most don’t make it that far

Median age:
Total: die young
Male: die young
Female: die even younger especially if married off to that old village mullah

Population growth rate:

Birth rate:
One birth per soon-to-die mother per year (Husband gets another breeding machine soon after)

Death rate:
High among females and Children, High among males in the South and elsewhere

Sex ratio:
At birth: 1.05 male(s)/female
Under 15 years: 1.05 male(s)/female
15-64 years: 1.05 male (females disappear)
65 years and over: Very few males, no females
Total population: Male, A few female politicians

Infant mortality rate:

Life expectancy at birth:

Total fertility rate:
43 children per woman unless she dies at the end of the first pregnancy

What is that!? Oh, Aid. Yes, our economy lives on UN and US Aid

Major infectious diseases:
Degree of risk: critical
Food or waterborne diseases: extremism, fundamentalism, tribalism, mullahs
Vectorborne disease: warlords, contractors
note: some infections prevalent since the arrival of Islam, other infection rates increase with Saudi, Iran and Pakistani involvement

noun: Terrorist(s)
adjective: Bearded, Towel-headed, Veiled

Ethnic groups:
Pashtun 110%, Tajik 110%, Hazara 110%, Uzbek 110%, Others don’t have powerful warlords

Sunni Muslim 80%, Shi’a Muslim 19%, Confused and sick tired of it all 1%

Dari and/or Pushto depending on who is in power


School life expectancy:
Schools are burned down

Education expenditures – percent of GDP:
Not yet


Country name:
Conventional long form: Islamic Islamopublic of Islafghanistan
Conventional short form: Terroristan
Local long form: Dawlat e Islami e Arabi e Islamistan wa Afghanistan
Local short form: Mujahidistan (North), Talibanistan (South)
Former: Battlefield Afghanistan

Government type:
Islamic Fundamentalists and puppets

Name: Kabul
Geographic coordinates: Between a dirt city and a gutter
Time difference: 1000 years behind

Not Yet and not in the near future

National holiday:
Everyday a warlord/Arab saint dies

Islamic books, Mullah, Everything goes

Legal system:
1400 years old
An eye for an eye
Both eyes for an eye if you are a student, a journalist, a convert or a woman
None for Officials, Islamists and Warlords

Executive branch:
Father of Nation, Uncle of Nation, Aunt of Nation, President of Nation, Zero of Nation, Dead of Nation and others

Judicial branch:
Nine member bench of Islamic fundamentalists

Political parties:
Islam, Tribe, Ethnicity

Political pressure groups and leaders:
Local Mullahs and Warlords, Saudi Arabia, United States, Pakistan, Iran, … India (!?)

International organization participation:
NATO, US Army, ISAF, Arab Terrorists, Pakistan Zealots, Irani Ayatollahs

Diplomatic representation in the US:
Zalmay Khalilzad

Diplomatic representation from the US:
Zalmay Khalilzad

Flag description:
A piece of cloth bearing a mosque and illegible religious text


Economy – overview:
Narco-state, US+Saudi+Irani funding, NGOs

GDP (purchasing power parity):
Most Afghans can’t afford to buy

GDP (official exchange rate):
90% of Global Opium Production (and proud)

GDP – real growth rate:
Constant since 2003

GDP – per capita (PPP):
$0.0000000001 for ordinary Afghans, $100000000 for warlords, smugglers and NGO employees

GDP – composition by sector:
Opium: 80%
Arms: 10%
Bribe: 10%

Labor force:
Mainly women

Labor force – by occupation:
In Hospital: 30%
Dead: 50%
Unable to get to a hospital: 20%

A Liberated Afghan Woman

A Liberated Afghan Woman

Unemployment rate:

Population below poverty line:

Revenues: $715 million
Expenditures: Wages for MPs and Warlords, Private Security Contractors

Agriculture – products:

AK47 and Opium factories

Twice a week, Three hours a day

Oil – production:
None (Thankfully so)

Natural gas:
In the northern region of Dostumistan

90+% of Global Opium Exports (and Proud!)

Arab and Pakistani terrorists, Suicide vests, Iran-trained clerics, Copies of the Quran and other religious texts


24 hr service between the White House and Kabul Presidential Palace, the rest don’t believe in the Telephone

Radio broadcast stations:
Taliban Propaganda FM, Government Propaganda FM, Religious Madrassas FM, Muji FM

Television broadcast stations:
Government, Tolo Television (Soon to be overrun by Sayyaf and company)


Bagram, Kandahar and other ones of military importance


Kabul-Kandahar Highway (Highway to Hell)


Military branches:
NATO, ANA, Private Militias

Military service age:
8 years +

Transnational Issues

Disputes – international:
The Durand line – border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pakistan’s NWFP, Islamic conquest lands

Refugees and internally displaced persons:

Illicit drugs:
Extremism, Islam, Fundamentalism, Ignorance, Opium, Bollywood Movies